How to delete your Gmail account


Deleting your Gmail account is probably the last option you will ever want to do with your Gmail account. This action will basically just remove all Google products associated with your Gmail account such as Youtube, Google Apps, Mobile Synchronization, Emails, Files on drive and other Google products.

It is highly advisable that before you delete your Gmail account, you should carefully think about it or at least back up your data. Otherwise, you’ll not be able to retrieve your data once your Gmail account has been deleted.

But if there is no stopping you despite the warning I mentioned above, I’ll show you a very quick and easy approach you can take to delete your Gmail account.


Step 1.  Go to

This page gives you all information you need to know with your Gmail account such as sign in and security, personal information and privacy, account preferences, security check up and privacy check up.


Step 2.  Under the account preference, you should be able to see delete your account or services.







If you click on Delete your account or services, you will not automatically delete everything in your account.

You will be given an option which you want to delete.


If you choose to delete products, you’ll also be given another list of options. But if you choose to delete Google  Account and data, you’ll all everything you have in your Google account.