How to Recover Gmail Password

Gmail account is the most widely used free email provider out there. Almost everyone with access to internet or android phone users have Gmail account. Gmail is quite convenient and more secure than other email providers but given the security it provides, there are instances that a Gmail account can be at risk.

For instance, you have a weak Gmail password. If anyone can guess your Gmail password, your Gmail account is not secured. So you might need to change your Gmail password or even reset it for a better one.

Recovering your Gmail password should not take your time and it is not really very hard to process. All you have to do is prepare your mobile number, email address or old password you remember.

I’ll show you how..

If you forgot your Gmail password, you should not worry about it. I’ll walk you through the process on how to recover your gmail password.


Step 1. Obviously, when you entered the wrong password to your Gmail account, you won’t be able to login and in order to start the recovery process, you should click “forgot password” link.








Step 2. Then, Gmail will require you to provide you the last password you remembered using with your Gmail account. If this option does not help you or you don’t really remember your last password, you should click on try another way.







Step 3. Gmail will send you a verification code via text or call. The code you will receive should be submitted to Gmail for verification of your Gmail password reset request.



Step 4. If you have your phone with you and the number registered to your Gmail account is correct. You should be able to reset your Gmail password.



If you don’t have your phone with you or you no longer use the mobile number you registered to your Gmail account, there is still a way to help you reset your Gmail password such as:

When you created your Gmail account?






But if you can’t really prove the ownership to your Gmail account, this is what you should receive.