How to check Gmail account activity


Another sophisticated Gmail feature is the ability to produce account activity. This gmail features gives you ideas of what technologies were last used to login your Gmail account such as:

Operation System – Gmail will display where you use Windows, Mac, Linux or other operating system when you login your Gmail account.

Browser – Gmail will also identify which browser you last used to access your gmail. Browsers like Mozilla, Chrome, Internet explorer, Safari etc.

IP Address – Other information that Gmail will display is the IP address you used. If you are aware of your computer’s IP address, this will give you an idea if your account was used without your authorization.

Location – Similar to IP Address, you’ll also be able to identify where did you last login your Gmail account. So if you normally login from United States and you suddenly change location to Australia, that should trigger the alarm.

You can see these information by clicking “Details” in the right corner of your web browser. A pop up window will appear which displays your Gmail account activity history.


If you feel very suspicious of your Gmail login activity, you can even sign out all other web sessions on your account to ensure your account is not at risk.

You can also enable or disable alerts of suspicious Gmail login to your account for your safety.

When you click “change” an option of YES or NO will be given to you whether to alert you of unusual access. By default, each Gmail account should be able to receive alerts of sudden change of activity.