What is Gmail

Gmail is an open source email provider developed by Google. It allows you to create your own Gmail account for free but with limited storage of 15 gigabytes per user.

Gmail was initially a browser based application but can now be accessed through mobile devices or tablets for convenience of its users.

As of today, Gmail has been widely used by individuals and even businesses for online communication particularly, email. In fact, Gmail has become more popular than Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL in terms of active users registered.

Is Gmail Safe?

Yes, you can rest assured that your Gmail account will not be easily hacked or accessed from elsewhere without your authorization. Gmail can easily detect suspicious login activity to your account and makes appropriate actions for your account protection.

Normally, this would happen if you usually login from a location and you suddenly change to different location miles away than your trusted location.

This can also be a sudden change of what technology you used when you login to your account. If Gmail identifies your usual login from a Mac computer and you suddenly login from a Linux computer, an alert would alarm Gmail of this activity and would implement security protocol for your account’s security.

Gmail usually requires verification process to ensure your account is not with the wrong hands such as:

  • Gmail will send verification code to the number registered to your Gmail account.
  • Gmail will send a verification code to your alternative email registered to your Gmail account.
  • Gmail will ask personal information you provided during your Gmail account creation process.


What are the features of Gmail?


  • Gmail can automatically detect email spam
  • Gmail can provide you account activity to your Gmail account
  • Gmail can locate where your account was logged in
  • Gmail can identify what technology used to access your account
  • Gmail can sign out all devices logged in to your account for your own safety.
  • Gmail can also synchronize your account from other technology
  • Gmail can even create auto reply when you are out for vacation
  • Gmail can also create your personalized email signature in your every email
  • You can manage your emails by adding labels, marking important or starred.
  • Gmail can also undo sending an email if you committed a mistake


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Go to www.gmail.com now to login to your account.